Looking for means to delete all your posts from your Facebook profile page? Well, bad memories from a distant past are not going to do any real good. Why not remove the same for your own good?
To start with, it is not a bad idea to cleanse your entire timeline. Facebook does provide you with several options that let you delete everything that appears on your wall. Even before getting started, it would be a good idea to take some time and look at your timeline.

Start with the Activity Log | Contact Facebook By Phone

The activity log is where you get to know what you have posted on your timeline until now. In the beginning, everything might appear to be chaotic. However, with the right tools made available by Facebook, you will eventually find a way out. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the task at hand: -
• Login to your Facebook account
• Click on the down arrow and select Activity Log
• In the left-hand column, you will come across a huge list of filters
• To know about your search history, click More under the section photos, likes, and comments
• Continue by clicking Search on the bottom list
Now, you can delete the individual posts by clicking on the Circle with Slash. For a change, the very task of deleting the posts is somewhat complicated. But you will find a way out. To know more, you can consider getting in touch with the people manning the Facebook help contact support team.

Limited View of Your Past Posts | Facebook Help

There is another way of deleting the posts from your Facebook page. To get started: -
• Click on the down arrow button and select Settings
• Look for the privacy link in the left-hand column and click Limit Past Posts link
• On the Limit Past Posts button, change the privacy settings of the posts in your profile to Friends Only
Limiting the view of your past posts will certainly restrict the unknown strangers from getting to know about your past posts. Still, if you are having trouble deleting the posts, you can call in the professionals by using one of the Facebook help contact number, which you can easily find online.

How to Contact Facebook to Delete Your Posts?

Since you are interested in getting rid of your old posts on Facebook, it must be done in a manner, where you have nothing much to worry. If you are finding it tough, then you can get in touch with the experts, who can give you the desired answers. But How to contact Facebook and will it really serve any purpose? Frankly, you will find ample support, if you do know where to look at. However, deleting the Facebook posts won’t really serve any purpose, unless you make it a point to be extra cautious. From now on, make sure about what you want to post and what not to.